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Medical Software Article

Should You Use Oracle’s CTMS?

The new Clinical Trial Management System or CTMS by Oracle is now offering innovative and new ways to manage the issues that may arise in your clinical trials. This new CTMS focuses more on the relationships that you have with your trial groups and works to make them stronger by ...
Medical Software Article

What to Look for when Comparing EMR Software

EMR Software was designed to help you take some of the busy work out of your office. The EMR Software can become your secretary’s best friend or right hand man when it comes to the filing system that you currently have. You will see when you compare EMR Software that ...
Medical Software Article

PACS: Flikr for Doctors

PACS, also known as picture archiving and communication systems, are widely used in medical imaging technology for their economical storage and convenient access to images used in the medical office. Once an image is made it can be transferred electronically into PACS, which removes the need to manually place images ...

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