Medical Software Systems

About Medical Software Systems

Medical Software Systems (MSS) was founded in 1981 in Tucson, Arizona. They are a provider of comprehensive medical practice management solutions. Their products are installed in multiple settings such as physician offices, medical groups, residency programs, outpatient clinics, and correctional facilities. MSS also owns Asystar, their subsidiary serving the Canadian market.

OPUS 7.0

The OPUS system provides integrated practice management and electronic medical record features. The system manages finances, clinical patient records, scheduling, report generation, word processing, file scanning, and document storage. OPUS combines the three most time/paper intensive areas of the medical office: billing, scheduling, and medical records. These form the three modules of the OPUS 7.0 system that can be selectively implemented.

  • Unified electronic record needs only one patient registration to do scheduling, billing, records, prescriptions, lab results, etc
  • Instant electronic chart access
  • Easy to read and quick customized views of patient medical records
  • Electronic claims, statements, referrals, patient records, and recalls
  • Automated filing of lab results from hospitals/reference labs
  • Multi-provider, multi-location, and multi-view patient scheduling
  • Utilization data by provider, payer, and diagnosis
  • Information access improve negotiation of capitated rates
  • Line-item payments view and customized financial reports
  • Automated system backup
  • 24/7 access to data
  • Online access to medical history, lab results, and encounter information
  • E-prescriptions
  • Outstanding claims, collection reports, productivity reports, and payment analysis tools
  • Appointment scheduling templates and reports
  • Centralized schedules accessible and manageable from any location


CorrectStar is a secure practice management software solution focused on correctional facilities. The software is written in InterSystems CACHE for high speed.

  • Infectious disease tracking and management
  • Electronic medication administration record
  • Software integration and linking with pharmacy, laboratory, and jail management systems
  • Inmate tracking from intake through custody stay
  • Treatment and diet plan streamlining
  • Lab test ordering
  • Results collection
  • Follow-up visit scheduling
  • Medication management and inventory
  • Multiple security features such as passwords, user restriction, time restriction, encryption, and full audit trail
  • Patient profile summary
  • Flowchart support
  • Image storage
  • CPT and ICD9 code advisor
  • Graph views
  • Scheduling, registration, and patient information functions
  • Customizable templates and intake questionnaires


Both EMR software packages are HIPAA compliant

Bottom Line

Medical Software Solutions produces fully integrated EMR/practice management systems that help reduce paper and time waste. The company provides EMR/practice management systems to the correctional industry as well. Their software provides comprehensive functionalities for medical records, scheduling, and billing. Their software is browser-based.