About AllegianceMD
AllegianceMD is a leading provider of medical software, including EMR, medical billing, and practice management software. Their medical software solutions are available as web-based services and are the result of years of research and development. Located in Tulsa, OK, Allegiance MD has developed medical software solutions since 1996. As a privately held company, their primary concern is delivering proven medical software solutions to their customers, as well as providing comprehensive support so any size practice can learn and implement their offerings.

Practice Management
AllegianceMD’s practice management software helps you run your practice more productively and cost-efficiently with features such as automated scheduling and eligibility checks, as well as a patient portal for making appointments. An automated calling feature reminds and confirms appointments for patients, and electronic toll free fax ensures that you never lose information that’s sent to your office. For administrators, Allegiance practice management software provides over 200 easy-to-read reports so that you have the patient data and financial information you need at all times.

  • Make 60% of appointments online
  • Allow patients to input their information themselves
  • Auto confirm patient appointments
  • Patients can fill out their medical history online
  • Checks patient insurance eligibility and forwards patient data, such as deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance
  • Unlimited document upload allows you to scan and archive any patient documents
  • Send faxes from anywhere
  • Scans, archives, and organizes faxes sent to the office,
  • Collects 60% of patient charges
  • Search appointments using AI
  • Independent books
  • Appointment notes

AllegianceMD’s EMR software offers paperless medical records technology to any practice. Their EMR patient records and charts are easily accessed online, and practitioners can create patient charts and records quickly. In addition to customizable patient history templates, AllegianceMD’s EMR software tracks patient information in their chart from the first appointment all the way to the final super bill. It integrates easily with Allegiance’s other medical software offerings, which means you only have to enter data once instead of duplicating it endlessly.

  • 100% HIPAA compliant.
  • ePrescriptions
  • Integrates easily with other modules
  • Scheduling and patient check-in
  • Up-to-date patient demographics information
  • Automated electronic eligibility
  • Internal messaging system for staff
  • Customizable Charts
  • Patient Portal
  • Maintains test history by patient
  • Maintains test history by provider
  • Electronic orders
  • Electronic results
  • Full integration with LAB/X-ray facilities
  • Flags abnormal results
  • Permits tracking of abnormal lab follow-up
  • Permits creation of panels

Medical Billing
AllegianceMD’s web-based medical billing software incorporates state-of-the-art medical billing claims scrubbing feature that checks claims for errors or omissions, and then suggests the correct information. Along with the user-friendly interface, Allegiance’s medical billing software cuts the time spent on billing in half, and it brings an average of 92% claims acceptance on the first submission.

  • Charge capture from the schedule, or the EHR
  • Search diagnosis code by description, or hierarchy
  • Visits charges memory
  • Claim scrubbing using AI
  • Electronic remittance advice
  • Electronic posting of EOB
  • Creation of electronic secondary claims
  • Capability of attaching post-op notes to electronic claims
  • Collection, and follow up module

Bottom Line
AllegianceMD medical software solutions assists medical professionals of all specialties in practice management, medical billing, and EMR maintenance via a web-based application.