About CareCloud
CareCloud’s goal is to unite the healthcare industry through removing the software barrier and replacing legacy practice management applications with online solutions. CareCloud’s web-based software solutions embody an original standard in medical practice management, promising a more modernized healthcare industry. They develop medical software solutions not only for practice management, but also for revenue cycle management and patient communications. Since their software is available via the Internet, it’s easily accessible by any practitioner or patient from any computer.

Practice Management
CareCloud Central is a cloud-based practice management system that helps medical practices operate efficiently and improve patient experience. Central is simple, intuitive, user-friendly and will you’re your frustration over managing every day office tasks. Central is cloud-based, so you don’t need to buy servers or software licenses, or rely on an operating system or browser. Implementation process easy, and the platform is you pay as you go. CareCloud Central integrates with clinical, administrative, and front desk functions so that patient data flows between modules.

  • Dashboard – customizable practice management Dashboard to view key performance metrics
  • Real-time business analysis tools
  • The Pulse – automatic notifications pushes live status updates to your CareCloud Dashboard
  • Scheduling Software
  • Electronic Appointment Confirmation
  • Web-based Medical Appointment Calendar
  • Patient Dashboard – displays patient’s personal information, history with your practice, account balance, and insurance information
  • Electronic Medical Insurance Eligibility Checking
  • Document Imaging
  • Patient Collections
  • Payment Posting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Claims Denial Management
  • Charge Entry
  • Rules Engine – track payer denial activity, identify new rules, and distribute new rules over the CareCloud network
  • ERA & EOB – electronic remittance advice and explanation of benefits reports
  • Generate Custom Reports in Seconds
  • Manage Your Metrics
  • Multiple-Entity Reports

Medical Billing
CareCloud Concierge is a complete Revenue Cycle Management solution that combines CareCloud Central’s practice management features with comprehensive RCM services, supported by the understanding and commitment of the medical industry’s top billing specialists. For doctors and practices that need operational freedom in order to concentrate on providing patient care rather than pursuing uncooperative payers, there’s no better software solution than Concierge for streamlining your medical workflow.

  • Proactive Compliance
  • Daily Aging of Receivables
  • Instant Rules Updates
  • Highly effective Internal Controls
  • Vigorous Denial Management Protocols
  • Automated Claims-Contract Reconciliation
  • Virtual Back Office
  • Rules Engine
  • Reimbursement Management

Patient Portal
Community is CareCloud’s social-network portal that gives doctors and patients a communication method through which they can achieve meaningful contact in a secure environment. Features include chat and document sharing so that doctors can deliver a great experience to patients without creating additional work for the office, in addition to helping patients keep in touch with their medical providers in an engaging and familiar way. Community integrates right into CareCloud Central practice management, making appointment scheduling and patient management easier. It’s a free social-networking platform that you can offer to your patients as a convenient way to remain engaged in their medical care.

Bottom Line
CareCloud integrates front and back-end office functions in order to provide a comprehensive healthcare software solution that combines all the elements of practice management. Their commitment to excellence is demonstrated by the problem solvers and troubleshooters they employ, who are consistently working to change the way doctors and patients connect to healthcare. Not only do you get a complete medical software solution from CareCloud, but you also benefit from the hard work and dedication of their developers and staff.