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American Medical
Founded in 1984, American Medical Software has spent the past twenty years and more developing quality medical software products for physicians of any specialty. AMS’s goal is to create products and services of the highest quality through continuous research and development, producing feature rich applications and support services for medical practices. Headquartered in Edwardsville, Illinois, AMS offers a complete application package of EMR, Billing and Practice Management, Appointment Scheduling, and Patient Portal software through their PM ULTRA medical software solution.

American Medical Systems’ Electronic Medical Records (EMR) System keeps vital patient data in one easily reachable place, giving you quick access to encounter notes, immunization and medication history, test tracking history, and scanned images. When you make a new encounter memo, customizable templates and macros incorporate basic phrases and conditionals to reduce keystrokes as well as input errors. E&M coding rules suggest the appropriate level of visit depending on documentation from the patient encounter. Order labs, link files, set reminders, and write and send scripts electronically. It streamlines your office procedures and makes paperwork less of a hassle.

  • Customizable macros and templates
  • Scan and import images, documents and more
  • Vaccine / immunization schedule
  • Medication history and tracking
  • Test ordering and results tracking
  • Lab interfaces available to Quest, LabCorp and others
  • Reminders for patient recalls
  • Follow-up to lab orders, staff tasks and more
  • Referral letters
  • Hyperlinks for disease mgmt and patient education
  • Growth charts
  • Flow Sheets
  • Prescription writing and history
  • Customizable Reporting
  • ePrescriptions

Medical Billing and Management
AMS’s Medical Management System not only improves your cash flow, but it also gives you instant access to important financial data at the click of a button. In addition to helping you sustain a healthy revenue stream, AMS Medical Management software makes charge entry quick and accurate no matter whether you feed it automatically from your integrated AMS EMR system, electronic encounter tracking, or paper encounters. Insurance costs are auto-posted through the electronic remittance feature, or you can post them manually. AMS also offers a suite of Practice Analysis reports that help track practice productivity by procedure, diagnosis, clinician, carrier, referral source, etc.

  • Fast, accurate charge entry individually & batch
  • Electronic Encounter tracking – Entries from EMR
  • Reflects co-pays to collect authorized visit information
  • Audit trails for changed and voided charges
  • Open Item and line item posting – individually and batch
  • Autoposting EOB from electronic remittance advice
  • Customized payment and adjustment types
  • Preposting detailed edit list for easy balancing
  • List by provider, data entry person or type transaction
  • Process claims individually and batch at end-of-day or anytime throughout the day
  • Electronic or paper insurance filing. CMS-1500 and UB-04
  • Easy regeneration of claims individually and batches
  • Cycle, individual and history statements
  • Default end-of-month reports
  • Instant access to complete patient information
  • Automated ledger card reflects transaction history detail
  • A/R notes for unpaid insurance or patient balances
  • Statement and claims tracking on each account
  • Lab requisitions – labels and forms
  • Referral authorization tracking

Appointment Scheduling
AMS’s Appointment Scheduling System helps you customize appointment screen templates to fulfill your practice’s needs. In addition to the flexibility to make 99 columns for all the patient information and appointment data that you need to enter, the AMS Appointment Scheduling System allows for complete electronic documentation from the moment you bring on a new patient to insurance eligibility checks to billing. The AMS Electronic Encounter feature also ensures that every patient is tracked from entrance to charge capture. Tracking missed, rescheduled, and canceled appointments is as crucial as keeping track of patient flow in your office.

  • Customizable register template and appointment types
  • Real time and Batch Eligibility
  • Search next available feature
  • Week at a glance and Pop-Up calendars
  • Easy to add, copy, change and tag appointments
  • Mark an appointment as confirmed
  • Track missed, canceled, or moved appointments
  • Future and past appointment tracking
  • Easy to search for patient’s scheduled appointment
  • Post co-pays and pre-pays with printable receipts
  • Referral/authorization tracking
  • Open Electronic Encounter tracking
  • Superbill and encounter forms are customizable
  • Customized reporting features
  • Interfaces with voice and call reminder systems
  • Create reminder letters, call lists or print labels
  • Track patient wait times to improve productivity and the patient experience

Patient Portal
The AMS Patient Portal gives physicians and practices the ability to meet the growing patient demand for instant access to their own information or medical provider. The portal offers a range of applications that meet every aspect of provider-patient communications. The AMS Patient Portal is available through Intuit Health, previously Medfusion, which is a leading supplier of provider-patient communication solutions, giving healthcare providers the tools to serve their patients fully while still improving office proficiency and revenue. This web-based solution transforms patient communications through applications for appointment requests, pre-registration, outbound messaging, reminders, lab results delivery, online bill payment, prescription renewals, and more.

  • Pre-Registration and Health Forms
  • Physician Appointment Requests
  • Patient Messaging (notices, newsletters, etc)
  • Patient Check In (via Kiosk or laptop)
  • Online Bill Payment and budget payment terms
  • Virtual Card Swiper
  • Patient-initiated secure messaging
  • Lab Results and Reminders
  • Prescription renewals and refill requests
  • Ask a Doctor or Clinician
  • Personal Health Records
  • Symptom Assessment (HPI/ROS)
  • Virtual Office Visits
  • Referral Management

Bottom Line
American Medical Services is not only dedicated to providing a quality product, but they also value their customers, offering free web training for the first three months, in addition to their general support services. An independent cost comparison with other vendors shows that AMS solutions generally save practices a significant amount of money over the course of three years, especially in practices with more than one physician. So not only does AMS deliver on a reliable software system with dedicated support, but it also saves medical practices more money over other integrated software systems.