Medical Software White Papers

Learn more about how to find the right medical software solution that will benefit your practice the most. Our collection of white papers include tips, best practices, vendor information and buying guides. Download one of the FREE white papers now to solve your medical software needs.

  • What You Should Know About ICD-10 Codes: Moving to ICD-10 CM/PCS will require tremendous effort and incur incredible cost for health care organizations. Many medical organizations have not begun the implementation process and are expecting the date for implementation to be delayed. This misconception could affect the health of the organization. The countdown is now. Don’t delay planning for the implementation. The health of your medical organization depends on it!
  • EHR and Practice Management Buyers Guide: Choosing the right EHR and Practice Management software is crucial for each practice. The right solution will help practices run more efficiently and increase the practice’s revenue. Download this free EHR and Practice Management software buyers guide provided by ADP to see how ADP stacks up against other leading EHR and Practice Management providers.
  • Selecting a Billing Service: Selecting a billing service is an important decision for any practice. A good billing service will do more than just process the claims; like follow following up with the insurance companies, appealing denials and working rejections, no-pays and slow-pays. The right billing service should provide your practice with tools designed to boost your practice’s revenue.
  • Guide to Demonstrating Meaningful Use: Learn how your practice can achieve Meaningful Use through AdvancedMD EHR software. This report shows everything practices need to achieve as well as the core objectives and menu objectives of achieving Meaningful Use.