Epitomax Review

About Epitomax

Produced by PsyTech Solutions, Epitomax is a behavioral healthcare management software solution that addresses the unique needs of the mental healthcare and substance abuse treatment industries. The flexible web-based platform accommodates the needs of both small and large medical organizations. The system is accessible wherever there is an Internet connection and a practice is able to use any commercially available report writer to work with the Epitomax system.

Epitomax Practice Management

The practice management solution is aimed to increase a practice’s productivity by reducing the time wasted on redundant administrative tasks. The system allows a practice to transfer from a chaotic record structure to a completely paperless and electronic system, significantly freeing up valuable time to enhance patient care and reduce overall administrative costs.

  • Action Lists
  • Audit Trail
  • ePrescribing
  • Scheduling
  • Automated Tasks
  • Program Attendance
  • Validation
  • Service Activity Analysis
  • Integration
  • Corrections
  • Security
  • Billing

Epitomax Clinical Management

The Clinical Management solution is aimed to streamline clinical documentation in a practice and to subsequently enhance patient care. The configurable EMR system is easily tailored to the specific needs and requirements of any behavioral healthcare practice. PsyTech Solutions understands that the behavioral healthcare field has different needs and focus points than general medicine, so they have developed a fully integrated software solution to accommodate those specific needs.

  • Logic-driven treatment
  • Progress notes
  • Configurable clinical forms
  • Measure outcomes
  • Patient Portal
  • Configurable EMR

Epitomax Financial Management

The Financial Management solution allows a practice to speed up their revenue cycle, shorten days in A/R and improve cash flow. The system optimizes an office’s financial workflow and efficiently streamlines overall financial performance. Epitomax’s Financial Management software significantly reduces costly errors in billing, saving a practice valuable time and money.

  • Upfront edits
  • Electronic billing and remittance
  • Flexible payment rules
  • Automatically assign payers
  • Interface with any commercially available lodger
  • Client bills
  • Invoicing
  • Batch processing
  • Re-billing
  • Measure results by generating reports


Epitomax’s behavioral healthcare software solutions are HIPAA compliant.

The Bottom Line

The ultimate goal of Epitomax’s behavioral healthcare software solutions is to give practices the ability to reduce overall office costs while enhancing patient care. The fully integrated clinical and financial behavioral healthcare management software streamlines the administrative tasks of practices as well as makes patient information and records easily available to physicians and qualified staff. The web-based EMR and practice management system is flexible and can be tailored to a variety of needs and requirements for healthcare organizations of all size and specialty, from mental health to substance abuse centers.