About MedStar

MedStar Systems LLC is a privately held company located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that provides and supports the MedStar family of medical software automation solutions. The company has been providing medical automation solutions since 2002. The MedStar staff is certified to help customers configure their medical systems optimally.


DrWorks is practice management software designed for mid to large sized practices requiring comprehensive functionality, analysis tools, and interfaces. This solution helps providers manage their practice more efficiently, increase revenue, improve cash flow, and augment their their patient care.

  • Scheduling
  • Patient demographics
  • Insurance company information
  • Encounter preparation
  • Claims development
  • Paper and electronic claims filing capabilities
  • Electronic claims remittance
  • System reports
  • Report Star reporting system for custom reports
  • Superbill generator
  • Superbill scanning and mailing capabilities
  • Reimbursement manager
  • HL7 interface capabilities


EZWorks is practice management software designed for small offices that need scheduling and billing functionality at lower costs.

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patient demographics
  • Insurance provider information
  • Comprehensive medical billing
  • Encounter preparation
  • Claims development
  • Paper and electronic claims filing capabilities
  • System reports that allow you to monitor ever aspect of operations
  • Reimbursement manager to view claim non-responses and denials
  • HL7 interface capabilities
  • Superbill generator


TotalWorks is an integrated practice management and EMR software solution designed to automate practice operations for mid to large practices. The TotalWorks system combines electronic medical charting with scheduling and billing capabilities for an EMR/practice management software solution. The can help the provider manage the practice more effectively, increase revenue, improve cash flow, and elevate service.

  • Integrated scheduling
  • Messaging
  • Referral processing
  • Online eligibility verification
  • Patient historical charting
  • Physician access to schedule
  • Physician message retrieval
  • Daily task management
  • Charting of patient medical records
  • Management of workflow procedures and forms
  • Collection of patient history
  • Recording of complaints and diagnoses
  • Preconfigured treatment plan selector from customizable lists
  • Treatment level determination
  • Information distribution to throughout the system
  • Medical scheduling
  • Patient account management
  • Medical billing and claims collection
  • Electronic claims filing
  • Electronic claims remittance
  • System reports
  • Report Star custom reports
  • Superbill generator
  • Reimbursement and collections management
  • Reimbursement manager to view non-responses and denials in real time
  • HL7 interface capabilities
  • E-prescriptions


EMR Works

EMRWorks provides physicians with an electronic medical records system to manage patient care, improve productivity, heighten service, and document all aspects of the patient’s condition/treatment.

  • Intuitive physician interface screens that are visually oriented with logical workflow patterns
  • Single click physician and office task dashboard
  • Integrated medical billing software capabilities
  • Medical office workflow management
  • Medical office appointment scheduling
  • Electronic medical record and reports generation
  • Complete electronic chart storage
  • Digital voice recordings
  • 128 bit wireless security
  • Paper chart scanning
  • Scalability to fit multiple users
  • Seamless integration with other MedStar systems
  • Automated medical coding recommendations
  • Medical knowledge base
  • Clinical Templates for quick capture of the patient encounter
  • Remote access support to view information from anywhere at anytime
  • E-prescriptions

Time Works

TimeWorks is a medical appointment scheduling solution that improves the medical office front desk operations and management of daily activities.

  • Appointment status that includes verified, checked-in, checked-out, and more
  • Unlimited reasons for visits
  • Recall notices with the ability to send letters or reminders
  • Custom appointment comments
  • Waiting list functionality
  • Daily schedule report and other reports
  • Custom report creation
  • Appointment search engines
  • Easy to use setup wizards
  • Custom layout creation for different users
  • Multiple separate room and equipment appointment scheduling
  • Scheduler templates for different medical office resources
  • Drag and drop funtionality


EMRWorks is CCHIT Certified and HIPAA Compliant.

Bottom Line

MedStar provides a diversified lineup of medical automation software. For the practice with a modular approach to their automation MedStar is able to provide a la carte functionality. A provider has the option to choose from EMR, PM, EMR+PM, and Scheduling software. MedStar uses Microsoft systems for their hardware. MedStar also offers many other services such as medical billing, radiology solutions, system planning, implementations, and more.

MedStar received the highest score for customer satisfaction in the AAFP/Microsft Technology Guide: Practice Management Software in 2002.