About meridianEMR

meridianEMR is based in Livingston, New Jersey and has been operating since 2003. The company develops/markets EMR and medical software solutions that are compatible with multiple practice management systems.


meridianEMR is an interoperable EMR software platform that is driven by mXchange technology. mXchange connects all meridianEMR clients through a secure real-time data exchange network that allows backup and information access functionalities.

  • Self check-in/waiting room integrated with iPad support
  • mXchange raises and improves interoperability, information exchange, ease of communications, EMR system access, data protection, and EMR uptime
  • UROAnalytics performs proprietary multi dimensional analysis, compare trends with peers, and turn data into actionable insights through a networked Urology focused data exchange
  • mMobile allows access to manage system or information through the iPhone
  • Multiple Practice Management, Laboratory, and Device interfaces for easy integration
  • Wireless support
  • E-prescriptions
  • Workflow management using an organized personal Work List
  • Automated CPT coding advisor to optimize coding management and evaluation
  • Electronic signature capabilities
  • Patient call logging
  • Secure, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant
  • Hundreds of ready to use templates/treatment plans
  • Intuitive 3 screen interface
  • Uninterruptable  access to information
  • User specific Patient Summaries
  • Comprehensive clinical content and documentation database


HIPAA, ONC-ATCB Supporting Meaningful Use 2011-2012 Complete EHR, CCHIT, CCHIT 5 Star Usability, and Surescripts certified

Bottom Line

meridianEMR develops and provides Urology and Surgery specific EMR software solutions. Their technology revolves around mXchange, a networked health information exchange that facilitates communication and constant data availability. meredianEMR’s “Blended Model” uses both hosted and local servers to maximize data protection, providing redundant backups of your information. The comprehensive EMR software also allows multidevice access from Mac, PC, Tablets, or smartphones.

meredianEMR posseses multiple certifications and over 1,000 clients, with over 6,500 users using the meredianEMR software. They serve a wide range of practice sizes.