SoftAid Review

About SoftAid

Established in 1992, SoftAid has been developing and producing medical billing and practice management software for practices of all specialties and size. Their software consists of online solutions that are Windows-based and can be securely accessed from any Internet connection. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, SoftAid’s solutions are comprehensive and easy-to-use.

The Medical Office

The Medical Office is a comprehensive practice management and medical billing solution that is designed to streamline practice workflow and everyday administrative tasks. Four versions of Medical Office are available from SoftAid, so practices of any size and specialty will be able to find a solution that is tailored to fit their unique needs. The solution optimizes a practice’s productivity by automating tedious administrative tasks.

  • Share data with other Windows-based applications
  • Patient Management
  • View a patient’s account history
  • Wide and varied search options
  • Multiple system shortcuts
  • Ambulance Services
  • Claims Processing
  • Billing Customization
  • Managing payments
  • View unpaid claims
  • Multiple scheduling views
  • Create claims directly from scheduler
  • Access patient file information
  • Filter appointment option
  • Schedule recurring appointments
  • Over 325 preloaded reports available
  • Customizable reports
  • Create EDI claim remittance notices
  • Create labels and form letters
  • Billing and accounts receivable
  • ASP service

The Medical Office Records (EHR and EMR)

The EHR software solution further improves office workflow by minimizing paper-based systems and providing patient information and records at the click of a mouse. The comprehensive solution is both efficient and easy to use and enhances patient care by following the status of patients from check in to check out.

  • Customizable Templates
  • Easy navigation menu
  • Interfaces to external software packages
  • Communicates with office management software
  • The Tracking Board—joins information from multiple sources to a single screen
  • View, print, e-mail chart s
  • Record and sort transcriptions
  • Internal Messaging
  • Voice Recognition Software
  • Automated E&M Coder
  • Encounter/SOAP Notes
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Patient Administration
  • Consultations and Lab Testing
  • Prescription Writing
  • Document Management and Image Scanner

The Medical Office Scheduler

The Scheduler is the stand-alone form of the scheduler included in every Medical Office version. It has the same capabilities as the scheduling features previously mentioned, including the ability to create and edit appointments easily and set up follow-up notices concerning patient-related issues. The Scheduler aims to ease the pressure on practice staff to oversee appointment and scheduling issues by electronically administering the system.


SoftAid practice management and medical billing solutions are HIPAA compliant.

The Bottom Line

SoftAid’s Medical Office software solutions include quality practice management, medical billing and EHR systems that enhance practice productivity and patient care. The company was the first medical software vendor to run on a Windows-based system that is easy-to-use and comprehensive.