Meditab Review

About Meditab

Established in 1998 by pharmacists and physicians, Meditab is committed to providing quality medical software solutions that will help connect patients, practices, labs and pharmacies. The company, which is based out of Northern California, develops software that span over a wide range of medical fields, including Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), Intelligent Facility Software (IFS), Intelligent Dental Software (IDS), Intelligent Pharmacy Software (IPS) and Intelligent Radiology Management Software (IRMS).

Meditab’s Intelligent Medical Software (IMS)

Meditab’s EMR software solution is designed to improve a practice’s reimbursements to increase overall revenue. The solution will allow a practice to see more patients in less time while also enhancing the quality of patient care.

  • Authorization and Referral Tracking
  • Auto Check-In
  • Billing and Collections
  • Check-In and Check-Out
  • Drug Dispensary
  • Document Management
  • EHR (electronic health records)
  • Form Filler
  • Fax Management
  • Healthcare Portal
  • Health Maintenance Reminders
  • IVR (Integrated Voice Reminder) Services
  • Lab Orders and Tracking
  • Letter Writing
  • My Tasks
  • Prescriptions and e-Prescribe
  • Reports Preparation and Management
  • Scan Module
  • Scheduler

Integrated Voice Reminder (IVR)

Meditab’s Integrated Voice Reminder (IVR) service significantly reduces the number of “no-shows” and missed appointments, which subsequently optimizes a practice’s time and increases revenue. The IVR service makes sure that every patient receives an electronic telephone reminder. Users can program the IVR and can customize it to fit the individual needs of their practice.

Healthcare Portal

Meditab’s Healthcare Portal encourages the interactive communication between patients and physicians. The portal allows patients to view and add to their medical records and information from the privacy of their own homes. Patients can request prescription renewals from their own computers and can view bills and current statements easily, improving overall patient satisfaction. The Healthcare Portal also optimizes a practice’s productivity by automating the often time consuming registration process.

Specialty Practices

Meditab recognizes the need for unique features and designs for various specialties and subspecialties, so they have developed an EHR solution that is able to be tailored to fit the needs of a wide array of specialty practices. Meditab provides complete solutions for specialty fields from Allergy to Neurology to Sports Medicine to Psychiatry, among many others.


Meditab’s Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) is ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 Certified for Meaningful Use. The company’s IMS is also CCHIT 2011 certified.

The Bottom Line

Northern California-based Meditab is dedicated to providing healthcare practices of all size and specialty with quality Intelligent Medical Software solutions to help them increase practice revenue and productivity while also improving and enhancing patient care.