Meditab Software, Inc. is soon to release a Child Health Disability Prevention (CHDP) Program user defined parameter claims upgrade to the Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) Billing module.

Meditab Software, Inc. will release next month, an upgrade to the IMS billing module to include the PM 160 claim.

USA (February 27, 2004) –

Meditab Software, Inc. will release next month, an upgrade to the Intellignet Medical Software (IMS) billing module to include the PM 160 claim. The user defined parameters (insurance carrier requirements, i.e. Fee on HCFA-1500 not on PM 160), user defined templates, and PM 160 reconciliation differentiates IMS’s CHDP claim functionality from the rest.

The CHDP program is a preventive health program serving California’s children and youth. (1) Eligible participants are children covered (up to age 21) or not covered (up to age 19) under Medi-cal. See California law requires all children entering the first grade to have a certificate of CHDP examination or waiver.

Starting January 1, 2004 providers must include the child’s BIC number and mark the first box in the patient eligibility section of the standard PM 160 for every child, including those children who are not eligible to be pre-enrolled into full-scope Medi-Cal. CHDP providers must use a Gateway transaction to deliver services to non-Medi-Cal children.

IMS Billing Module Information

With practices encountering varied financial considerations, an extensive billing module with EMC, claims, aging, outstanding, summary reports and graphs indemnifies the practicality of a complete billing application. The IMS Billing module generates bills and Superbills, assists in accurate coding, tracks insurance claims and patient receipts, and generates user defined reports. Since all IMS modules are integrated, billing can be generated from the Visit Note/EMR and Check In/Check Out modules.

Additional features:

Generate bills for doctors hospital visits or special procedures.

Setup fee schedule reliant on insurance and group criteria.

System cross checks billing with fee schedule.

Pre-Claim check for missing information with direct correction capabilities.

Print day close reports.

Claims – HCFA 1500, CHDP, UB-92, and EMC.

Distribution to Medicare and Medicaid insurances.

Track all claims and status.

Handle rejected and problematic claims and resend.

Includes claims analysis reports.

Track insurance and patient receipts.

Auto Reconciliation with some insurances.

Crossover and secondary insurance claims.

Generates bill for Patient copay with print, fax, or E-mail capability.

Managed Care

Managed Care contract and billing.

Summary and graphical reports to validate benefit of Managed care contract.

Extensive Managed care contract definition.

IMS Product Information

Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) is a HIPAA compliant software application for medical practices. Designed after years of research to correspond to the workflow of a doctor’s office and facilitate efficient practice management, the fully integrated software is intuitive and user friendly. IMS has functional modules that are stand alone or integrated: use of the full application eliminates multiple software applications. The Prescription, Billing and Visit Note (EMR) modules are backed by extensive drug, CPT, ICD-9, and diagnosis education databases using a SQL relational database engine. When switching to IMS, data transfer from other applications is a smooth process with no compatibility issues. Additionally, IMS is integrated with Document & Note management, and user defined Report modules.

The application works with Windows® 2000, XP and the Tablet PC*. Feature rich, extensive and comprehensive, with strong input validation and voice recognition, IMS is serviced with training and software user support. IMS saves you money and time.

A Tablet PC is required for Image Based EMR.

Company Information

Meditab Software, Inc is a Northern California based company founded in 1998 with core competencies in software development and billing services. The product line currently consists of Intelligent Medical Software (IMS), Intelligent Pharmacy Software (IPS), Facility Management Software (FMS), and Meditab Billing Services. We are constantly evolving, exploring growing technologies and listening to our clients to incorporate new ideas into our applications to serve our customers better. Our mission is to deliver quality innovative software while providing outstanding customer service.

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