Streamline Your Practice with EMR Software

Medical offices all across the United States are looking for ways to streamline their medical practice while still maintaining quality care for their patients. The downturn of the economy put everyone behind and the medical industry was no exception to that. When this happened, EMR software became more popular than ever because physicians were seeing the benefits they could receive by implementing it into their practice. The increase in office efficiency and the reduction of expenses were the two major sellers of EMR software.

EMR Software is not the Thing of the Future; It is the Thing of the Present

Many medical practices including hospitals and insurance companies keep track of their information through electronic medical records software already. According to the Disease Control and Prevention, 41.5% of all medical practices in the United States are using a form of EMR software in their offices already. This is a very large number for something that was not heard of a few years ago. Improving the quality of health care they provide for their patients as well as saving money was the two reasons most gave to implementing EMR software; but these are not two bad reasons to do so. There are now incentives in place so that a doctor who starts using the EMR software as of 2011 is eligible to receive up to a $44,000 incentive payment from Medicare. This is a huge motivating factor to doctors; especially those in small practices.

Avoiding Paper Files with EMR Software

One of the major time wasters in medical offices is medical files. It is no secret that filing systems that consist of mounds of paper can take up a great deal of office space as well as eats away at the time your employees have to do other things. The risk of fires or floods in your area can be a factor when it comes to paper files as well. With the best EMR software these risks can be eliminated because everything is stored in one central location and without having to have a separate store room to do it.

Improve Your Accuracy with EMR Software

Human error is a factor in any job; when it comes to your patients’ files you do not want to hear that. The EMR software will help to ensure that everything is accurate and up to date at all times. It is easy to enter information into a computer versus having to do it manually with a pen and paper. Updating a patient file will now take a few clicks of a key which can be completed in minutes rather than spending hours writing things out by hand. Once you have started using the EMR software, your employees will love how much easier their jobs will become.

Pricing EMR Software

Traditional EMR software can range anywhere from $2,000 to $50,000 depending on which vendor you choose and which features you are looking for. Installation and training are usually not included in this price, so make sure you check on this when doing your search. Another affordable method of EMR software is web based software. This method is usually a little cheaper, but may not include everything you want or need. Do your research and you will find the best EMR software for your company and you will be glad you did.