Let Telemedicine Software Transform Your Medical Practice Just as the TV Transformed our Lives

Telemedicine software has opened up a whole new world for medical providers and medical practice management is no exception. Once you have seen what this medical software offering can do for your practice your question will not be if you should try it, the question will be when can I get it started?

Patient Benefits of Telemedicine Software

If your practice handles a great deal of patients with medical problems such as diabetes, this is some information you will be happy to hear. Diabetics can now receive videos on their cell phones thanks to telemedicine software. This is a great asset to your patients because they no longer will have to “attend classes” to find out how they can help take care of themselves. This will also help them to want to take better care of themselves because it will be more convenient. On the same line, veterans can now receive text messages on their cell phones regarding follow up treatments and health care options thanks to telemedicine software. The U.S. Army saw the benefit of telemedicine software and decided to take advantage of it as well.

Off-Site Doctors

Some patients whom you treat may have a hard time making it to their appointments for various reasons. If they are home bound and have to rely on someone else to transport them to your office they may find it difficult to find a time that is convenient for them. With telemedicine software you will be able to act as an off-site doctor and handle their care right through their cell phone. You will be able to check on these patients on a regular basis and see how they are doing. This makes for greater doctor-patient communication and will allow you to give them the best care possible.

Making Telemedicine Software User Friendly

Because a lot of the older generation is not up to date with computers, telemedicine software has been made as user friendly as possible. This will help with the fear that some may have of not knowing what to do or how to do it. You want your patients to feel comfortable with their care and by offering them something this easy to use you will be able to assure them that they will be able to use the system.

Tracking Patients with Telemedicine Software

One of the other great benefits of telemedicine software is the ability to keep track of your patients. There are many different types of tracking systems available that a lot of people have already taken advantage of. One of these options looks and feels like a watch. In reality, it is a tracking device for patients.

According to Ed Caracappa, a CEO in the medical field, his mother wears this device. She does not like to sleep with it on, so he has had it programmed so that if she has not put it back on by 8am he receives a text message to call her and remind her to put it back on. This is great for terminally ill patients or even those who have trouble getting around. It allows their family, as well as their medical provider, the ability to keep track of them and know that things are good.