caBIG CTMS Workspace – One Example of a CTMS

Cancer is a deadly disease that affects millions of Americans every year.  To help identify potential treatments and even cures, the National Cancer Institute commissions a number of clinical trials. The information captured in these trials can be used to enhance the research and treatment field, if this information is captured, organized and distributed effectively. To meet this challenge, the Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG), a division of the National Cancer Institute, developed the caBIG CTMS Workspace.

This Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) is a user-friendly format that implements the latest technology to keep patients and researchers in touch with other communities in an effort to fight this disease.

caBIG Provides a Comprehensive System

Clinical trial management systems are able to work within caBIG to deliver to clinical research and care communities a manageable program that helps them gather, exchange, explore, integrate and reuse data within a unified network. This system of modular, interoperable and standards based software devices has been cultivated to meet various CTMS needs. This solution  differentiates between clinical research projects and local practices that exist among trial sites.

Keep Connected with caBIG

caBIG Clinical Trials Suite covers all clinical trials, including cancer clinical trials. It is a part of the National Cancer Institute. This Suite is used to keep people connected with institutions and research data available within communities. At this point, the caBIG Clinical Trials Suite is only intended for clinical researcher use.

Taking caBIG a Step Further

The caBIG Clinical Trials Suite takes CTMS a step further. This product offers devices that are open sourced and standard based, allowing for the facilitation of electronic management of your clinical trials and the associated data. It can also enable comprehension of sharing and integration of research information.

Technology Allows Registration to be Easy with caBIG

In order to streamline the clinical trial registration process for participants effectively, users can take advantage of the caBIG Clinical Participant Registry or C3PR. There have been vast improvements to this portion of the CTMS. Updates include the setup module itself which improves overall execution of the product.

A Top Notch Management Tool is Important to a Successful caBIG

Good management tools are crucial, especially in a CTMS. Using caBIG Patient Study Calendar gives any organization the ability to keep participant schedules centrally located and easy to manage during the clinical trials. This updated version now includes an incorporated dashboard that is easy to use along with new management templates.

caBIG Puts a Quality Reporting Solution in Place

Another popular application in caBIG Clinical Trials Suite is the caBIG Adverse Event Reporting System. This advanced CTMS enables users to effectively administer the collection as well as the reporting of unfavorable data obtained by participants in the clinical trials. There have been great improvements to this CTMS tool with increased support of other programs that will improve your functionality.

In-House Portals Gives Users Easy Access Within caBIG

Imagine being able to connect the dots before the dots are on the paper. That’s exactly how caBIG Lab Viewer works in CTMS. Advancements in integration have allowed CTMS users to see laboratory data while it is en route to clinical course systems. While these systems are usually in-house laboratory systems or clinical trial management systems for data, the idea is valuable to providing the whole picture.

caBIG has the Ability to Integrate Numerous Systems

Another layer to CTMS is the Clinical Data Management System. The tool used to connect the two is the caBIG Clinical Connector. This device allows for an integrated layer of service through a caGrid. Using this caGRID gives users the ability to tap into both systems.

Overall Success with Complete Coverage Through caBIG

At the center of it all lies the caBIG. The caBIG Integration Hub, formerly the caXchange, allows applications and devices within CTMS to transition seamlessly to each other under extreme security.

The caBIG Clinical Trial Suite is just one of the many components to the Biomedical Informatics Grid, caBIG. The organization was launched by the National Cancer Institute to implement a way to link research on a variety of levels. By connecting data, individuals and organizations, caBIG is able to work more efficiently through a variety of devices and virtual systems like CTMS.