Benefits of IRMS Software

An Information Request Management System was specifically created to handle medical communications.  IRMS is the latest in ready-to-use software for use in the commercial medical information world. This system is easy to use and capable of recording requests for information, responding to those requests and reporting all activity in a timely and proficient manner.

Top Companies Use IRMS

As one of the most commonly used forms of medical information software, IRMS has proven to be an effective solution for  more than 75 different companies. The use of IRMS has given companies, from large pharmaceuticals to small biotech laboratories, the ability to grow. IRMS gives these businesses opportunities to strengthen their products by adapting the most accomplished and impressive software solution out there.

How Does IRMS Benefit Companies?

Because IRMS is able to connect with such a variety of companies, your users will find that the unique features are very simple to integrate. Upgraded applications such as built-in quality control, staff calendar management, FAQ management, document and correspondence management and reporting are included in the platform. These upgraded applications offer companies such as yours expanded benefits for increased management and control.

IRMS has Positive Impact on Users

IRMS software enables users to quickly process requests using a unified database for stored information. Through a simple process, your historical data can be readily retrieved.  IRMS also has the power to act on optional Adverse Event and Product Compliant benefits. This gives an impressive addition to integration using regulatory systems.

The Basic Features of IRMS

There are many key features to consider when choosing an IRMS. The best IRMS can perform a variety of services that can increase productivity and your bottom line. Batch letter processing, reporting, and the ability to handle multiple contacts are examples of the key features found in IRMS.

Many Features of IRMS can Provide an Efficient Process

Automation is a rich benefit to using IRMS. This specific system sends follow-up notifications automatically while processing and storing all detailed information on a separate database. Through log and audit trail transactions, groups can define security and user access with data protection. In addition, all medical information is copyrighted and interfaced.

IRMS Integration to Increase Revenues through Productivity

IRMS integrated with Siebel produces a unique application to address medical communications requirements and deliver a solid performance structure.  This integration enables your users to drive CRM and sales objectives. Deployment of maintenance and global implementations are simple and ready to go for user ease. In order to manage contacts, sales and other data, a Legacy system is obviously integrated into the IRMS.
Initializing a practical IRMS will not only catapult your medical management in the 21st century, it will grow your business in new and innovative ways. The ease of use along with so many updated features is effective for the success of a seamless transition to IRMS.