About Kareo

Kareo, Inc. provides web-based services for medical billing and practice management. Kareo features also include intuitive dashboards, patient records, scheduling, charge capture, electronic claims, patient statements, payments and collections, documents and faxes, reporting, and administration services. Kareo, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is based in Irvine, California.

Kareo Practice Management
Kareo offers a web based practice management solution that is made to help simplify the daily tasks of a variety of medical offices. Kareo practice management helps practices store patient records, verify eligibility, schedule appointments, send appointment reminders, print Superbills, help track tasks, and store or print documents.

  • Dashboards: provides a clear picture of the performance of the practice to provide insights into where productivity can be improved.
  • Patient Records: patient records help practices save time by conveniently keeping all patient information, documents and records in one place.
  • Insurance Eligibility: insurance eligibility verification helps streamline a practice’s collections process by verifying a patient’s insurance information.
  • Appointment Scheduling: helps practices manage the flow of patients in the practice and make sure that there aren’t any schedule conflicts; helping to increase patient satisfaction.
  • Appointment Reminders: helps practices increase revenue by reminding patients of their upcoming appointments. Kareo can be configured to automatically send out email reminders to patients.
  • Superbills and Encounter Forms: helps practices create custom Superbills for various providers and print Superbills that have been pre-populated with the patient’s information.
  • Tasks: helps keep practices on track by tracking the progress of various tasks and who is working on them.

Medical Billing and Collections
Kareo offers web-based medical billing software that automates a practices medical billing and collections process. Practices can enter charges, check coding, send insurance claims, post payments, print reports and scan documents.

  • Charge Entry: helps practices increase productivity by reducing the amount of time spent on basic data entry. Practices can enter billing codes quickly, check the codes and track every encounter.
  • Medical Coding: helps practices get paid faster by sending correct insurance forms the first time. Helps ensure that the coding is correct the first time.
  • Insurance Claims: helps streamline the process of submitting insurance claims by allowing practices to submit insurance claims electronically.
  • Patient Statements: helps practices bill patients quickly and efficiently. Practices can print and mail the patient statements or can outsource printing and mailing service to Kareo
  • Payment Posting: increases a practice’s productivity by automatically posting electronic insurance payments and helps streamline the manual payment process.
  • Denial Management: provides tools to resolve and address the cause of denials. Practices can automatically flag denials to review correct problems and resubmit insurance claims.
  • Collections Management: Helps improve cashflow for a practice by tracking unpaid insurance claims, manage collections and provides advanced account receivable reports.
  • Fee Schedules and Contracts: Fee schedules & contracts help you increase your collections by setting the fees for your services and managing contracts to get paid what you’re owed from insurers.
  • Administration: Kareo helps make administration easier by managing all of the practice information in a single location

Electronic Medical Records
Kareo offers its users the option to receive a free Practice Fusion account which will automatically be integrated with Kareo. This provides a free EHR solution that is automatically integrated with Kareo’s billing and collection features.

  • Electronic Charting: allows practices to easily pull a patient’s chart with a few clicks of the mouse.  Also allows practices to create and sign notes and look up a patient’s health history.
  • Electronic Prescribing: Practice Fusion EHR is made to help practices reduce errors in prescribing medications. Practices can submit electronic prescriptions to over 50,000 pharmacies across the country.
  • Medical Lab Interfaces: allows practices to receive and order lab requests. Practice Fusion is integrated with top laboratory companies across the country to help practices view lab results quickly and conveniently.

Bottom Line
Kareo offers a variety of features to help practices operate more efficiency. Offered as a web based solution, doctors can also access their medical billing or practice management software from anywhere, as long as they have access to a web browser. As a web-based solution, Kareo is less expensive than other medical software solutions and doesn’t require any hardware to be installed for implementation.