About Allscripts
Allscripts is one of the largest providers of medical software, with over 180,000 physician users and connected to over 1,500 hospitals and 10,000 post acute care organizations. Their complete portfolio of medical software solutions demonstrates Allscripts’ commitment to their motto, “One Network, One Platform, One Patient.” In addition to primary locations in Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; and Raleigh, North Carolina; Allscripts has over 40 locations in the United States, Canada, the Middle East, and India. Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. merged with Eclipsys Corporation in August 2010 to create the current iteration of Allscripts, giving the largest client base in healthcare.

Allscripts’ EHR software is available in three different systems depending on the size of the practice: Allscripts MyWay for one to three physicians, Allscripts Professional for four to forty physicians, and Allscripts Enterprise for more than 40 physicians. Depending on which level you choose, the features include:

  • Physician’s Desktop – Helps you manage clinical administration on one screen.
  • Patient Encounter – Quickly access patient data, including tests, pre-exam work-up, and more.
  • Health Maintenance – Get information on one screen, such as preventative reminders, pending labs, and pending procedures.
  • Lab and Procedure Orders – Create disease-based procedure templates, handle orders in-house, and send information to external labs.
  • Medication Management – Receive allergy alerts and interaction warnings, reduce refill turnaround, and get requests for refills, as well as pharmacy preferences via the Patient Portal.
  • Referral Network – Allows for referrals between providers and specialists across connected practices across the nation, including your community.
  • Patient History – All patient data is available in electronic form, eliminating paper charts.
  • Clinical Charting – Write down clinical descriptions as needed, then connect to lab results and notes.
  • Lab Orders and Results – Quickly create panels of common tests, order multiple tests, and track and attach to patient records.
  • Patient Follow Up – Automate routine messages and update patient records.
  • Flexible Notes – This note format is customizable to serve any physician’s needs, giving you a chart you can read use in whatever manner you prefer.
  • ePrescribing – Drug-drug interaction and allergy checks, plan-specific formularies, and prescribe and route prescriptions directly to a patient’s preferred pharmacy.
  • Actionable alerts – Alerts that send you directly to the problem so you can resolve it right away.
  • H&P – History and Physical function that allows you to record patient interactions and findings using the methodology you prefer, whether it’s free text, check boxes, dictation placeholders, or Dragon voice input.
  • Input flexibility – Allows you to view the information you think is important.
  • CareGuides/Integrated Clinical Content – Provides secure diagnosis, documentation, ordering, prescribing, and patient education.
  • Plug-In Third-Party Applications – Integrate best-of-breed third-party programs and devices.
  • Allscripts Community Connection – Share patient data across different information systems, providing a comprehensive patient record to ensure quality, efficiency, and continuity.

Practice Management
Allscripts PM presents efficient workflows to practices in order to help you reach a better bottom line. A matchless rules-based engine aligns preferences with best practices through ideal workflow automation, resulting in a robustly connected and dynamic front and back office. From scheduling to collections and management reporting, Allscripts PM delivers a high-performance product that produces outstanding outcomes for you and your patients.

  • Single-Screen Executive Dashboard – View and manage administrative and financial practice information from one screen on your desktop, such as payments, receipts, appointments, E&M coding trends, and more.
  • Scheduling and Registration/Check-in – Rules-based engines consolidate and streamline scheduling. Allows you to find first-available appointments, track cancellations, accommodate waitlists and walk-ins, and more.
  • Workflow Automation to Staff Preferences – Make electronic work sets for essential functions. Distribute action items to individuals and groups in your practice, including appointments, patient flow, claims management, collections, and denials.
  • Claims Management, Charge Entry, and Collections – Multi-level edits and claim scrubbing ensures that you capture correct and thorough information. Claims and collections help practices resolve claims issues, edit claims , handle insurance plans, and more.
  • Drill-Down Management Reporting – Drill-down into reporting to examine administrative efficiency and financial action. Generate performance reports and management summaries.
  • Data Security, Compliance & Technical Support – Allscripts PM keeps secures your practice and patient information, ensures compliance to rules and regulations, and provides you with 24/7 technical support.

Allscripts is the nation’s leading ePrescribing provider, with almost 100,000 physicians and prescribers trusting Allscripts to deliver patient prescriptionse. Prescribing is the best way to save time, paper and the associated costs, as opposed to manually writing out every prescription. The next generation of Allscripts ePrescribing is ePrescribe Deluxe. Features include:

  • Enhanced Medicare Incentive Reporting
  • ePrescribe from your iPhone or other mobile device
  • 1-Click access to drug reference library
  • Print up to four prescriptions on a single sheet of paper
  • 1-Click convenience for printing prescriptions (i.e. DEA)
  • Dedicated toll free phone support

Revenue Cycle Management
Allscripts delivers a complete suite of software solutions for physician practices of any size, helping you overcome the rising costs, decreasing reimbursements, and constantly changing regulations in order to improve the revenue cycle. Over 100,000 physicians in the Allscripts network use one of their offerings: Allscripts PM, Allscripts Payerpath, and Allscripts RCM Services. Allscripts Payerpath includes:

Payerpath Eligibility

  • Real-time access to eligibility data by individual or batch
  • Submit claims, reduce rejected claims, and improve receivables
  • Verify insurance coverage details
  • Save eligibility inquiry history
  • Create eligibility reporting by patient or insurance plan
  • Protect patient privacy with secure and encrypted technology

Payerpath Call

  • Eliminate manual calls to patients
  • Maximize workflow by rescheduling and refilling available care slots
  • Reduce lost revenue by preventing no-shows, rescheduling necessary care for patients
  • Confirm or reschedule an appointment through touch-tone or voice activation
  • Better engage patients with automatic calls placed during evening hours

Payerpath Reminder

  • Create customized patient visit reminders
  • Print and mail patient reminders within 24 hours
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance by mailing patient reminders in sealed, confidential envelopes, ensuring the confidentiality of patient-protected health information

Allscripts RCM Services includes:

  • Denial Management – Real-time visibility of reimbursement performance. Streamline denial management workflow. Easy-to-use reports and tools provide information on claim denials and reimbursement performance.
  • Patient Payment Assurance – Secure patient payment at the time of visit. Collect patient payment via credit or debit card when you receive payer remittance advice.
  • Patient Eligibility Verfication – Real-time access to patient insurance before providing service.
  • Executive Dashboard –One-click functionality and drill-down reporting offer real-time practice information.
  • Electronic Claims Management – Submit more orderly claims and receive faster payment.
  • Scheduling and Registration – Quickly and effortlessly manage appointment scheduling, such as first-available appointment, wait-lists, bump list, recurring appointments, and walk-ins. Manage patient registration, referrals, and other related documents.

Bottom Line
Employing over 5,500 people, Allscripts’ dedication not only to customer service, but also community, is among their goals as a company. Stating that “healthcare is a community, not a commodity,” Allscripts not only makes its clients part of a strong provider network, but it also delivers a level of innovation, expertise, and collective intelligence that isn’t always found in a large corporation. With the understanding that coordinating healthcare across every medical setting, from the doctor’s office to the patient’s home, Allscripts’ medical software solutions works towards not only simplifying administrative procedures, but also promoting community among its clients, providers, and patients.