Should You Use Oracle’s CTMS?

The new Clinical Trial Management System or CTMS by Oracle is now offering innovative and new ways to manage the issues that may arise in your clinical trials. This new CTMS focuses more on the relationships that you have with your trial groups and works to make them stronger by utilizing Customer Relationship Management Solutions.

CTMS by Oracle allows you to have a centralized database that will provide you with the best information regarding responsibilities and roles. All information that the Clinical Trial Management System offers is in real time to improve the decision making process, quickly identify errors and take the appropriate action before these errors become major issues.

What Exactly is a Clinical Trial Management System

A Clinical Trial Management System when put into layman’s terms is simply a software system used to manage the large quantities of information involved with clinical trials. The CTMS will manage the planning and preparation of the clinical trials and the performance and reporting of the outcomes. The CTMS will also allow you to keep current information regarding the participants and track their progress throughout the process.

How Oracle’s CTMS Can Help Improve Your Business

Once you start using the CTMS by Oracle you will be able to track all of the information through one centralized system. Everything from profiles disease specialties that include current and former trial experiences can be input into the CTMS for organizing and referencing. By utilizing this CTMS system you will be able to identify  investigators suited  the best for your experiments. The Clinical Trial Management System by Oracle will allow you to improve on the business relationships you have with quicker enrollment, lower costs for trials and a higher standard of quality regarding your trials.

Let CTMS Organize Your Data and Keep You Efficient

As the number of clinical trials increase, you need to implement processes to support the efficiency management of your data. When you are able to centralize all of your data into one system with  your Clinical Trial Management System, it will allow you, as well as your employees, to become more efficient in your job duties so that you can focus on other important tasks. Budgeting, management of trial patients and other matters can all be handled through CTMS by Oracle. The fact that the system is already compatible with other data management systems makes it easy to quickly implement within your environment.

A Clinical Trial Management System Does Have a Down Side

Although CTMS can be a great tool for any size of clinic, there are also a few negative points that you must take into consideration. One thing to take into consideration is the other software or technology systems that your clinic currently uses. It is critical that these systems are compatible with the CTMS by Oracle. If the systems are not compatible, you may find yourself left with useless technology or having to purchase additional software systems so that everything will work together.

Clinical Trial Management System in a Nut Shell

Regardless of the clinical trials you currently support, CTMS can provide significant value by helping you to improve upon overall efficiency. To get the most out of your deployment, check for seamless integration with your current deployments. If interoperability is assured, your clinic can begin to enjoy the benefits immediately.